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One of the downsides of going back to university is the lack of income, which means that I can't really do any impulse buying. My current monthly treat is the YBD beauty box which at £7, I think is justifiable, but at the same time, I can't go out and purchase the full size product if I've tried (and loved) the trial/sample. The product I'm talking about is the MeruMaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream, which I got a sample of in January's YBD box.


I've heard great things about the Melting Cleansing Balm, and after trying it I have to say that I agree, but I won't be giving up my Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish for it. The night cream on the other hand, has me hooked. Applying a little after cleansing my face before bed, I wake up with super soft skin, you'd think that I had applied a hydrating face mask or something. It isn't heavy, doesn't leave your skin feeling sticky and hasn't irritated my sensitive skin. In the morning, it's like waking up knowing you're going to have a good skin day (that sounded better in my head). I never really thought about applying a different moisturiser at night, but this one has converted me after just a few uses (I've had to cut open the sample tube just to get it all out).

It's currently on my wishlist, because at £33.50, it is not cheap and so I will have to wait until the Summer (when I am hopefully back in work) to buy this amazing night cream.



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