Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft Show [haul]

Thanks to the lovely MangoWhirl for telling me about the Groupon half price offer on tickets for the Creative Stitches and Hobbycraft Show, which gave me the chance to snap up two tickets for the price of one and go to the show with my mum. The show was at the Excel Exhibition Centre in London (luckily not too far from me). We went on the last day of the show (Saturday 6th) and spent a good 3-4 hours browsing the different stalls, watching the creative fashion show, taking a look at the demonstrations and workshops and finally having a little bite to eat just as the show was ending. There were many different crafts exhibited at the show, including card making, scrapbooking, needlework, cross stitching, knitting and jewellery making.

One of the (many) stalls! This one selling beads and jewellery making components.

Decopatch Cat

There was an exhibition of patchwork quilts completed by artists as well a few other displays. I didn't manage to get great pictures, so I won't be sharing them on here. =(

I did pick up a few bits for my jewellery making box, as well as two mini cross stitch kits and a paper pad which I'll be using for scrapbooking. I also took advantage of the Decopatch offer which included the decopatch glue, brush, 2 papers and an item (value of £3) for £10. I'll be trying out decopatch for the first time and hopefully I'll end up with lots of decorated items to place around the house. The papers were just too pretty for me to pick out two, so I ended up buying 8 (2 with the original offer, and 6 that were on offer as well). My favourite paper has to be the black with the white lace design (which is why I picked up two of them!) =)


Are you into crafts? What sort of crafts do you enjoy?



  1. OMG - I love this. I didn't know about this event at all! The printed papers (4th pic) are gorgeous!

    1. I only found out thanks to MangoWhirl (otherwise I would have missed it too!). I haven't used the printed papers yet because they're just to pretty! =)

  2. That looks like such a fun show! I love jewellery making and card making! x

    1. It was great! I spent more than I planned to but it was worth it =)


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