Cake International 2013 at London Excel

[Note: Picture heavy post]

On Saturday, I went to the Cake International Show at London Excel (with my mum, aunt and cousin). I didn't buy much as I'm not a professional baker, so I didn't need to pick up tools, equipment, supplies etc. (although I did get a cake pop kit and some cupcakes to eat). I'm glad that I did go as there was an exhibition of cakes that people had decorated and to put it simply, they were amazing! Instead of me babbling on, I'll let the pictures do the talking =)

An embroidery inspired cake. So delicate and pretty.

Macarons in neat rows and columns, make up the outside design to this cake =)

This one was my favourite! All those miniature cakes, biscuits and desserts must have taken ages to make!

Another favourite design! I love the colours on this cake =)

Mendhi on cake! Two of my favourite things combined =)

This cake looked like it had tiny caviar beads stuck onto it to make the pattern (not sure what technique was used to create the texture)

Handmade flowers. Extremely fiddly to make and so delicate.

This is actually a stack of biscuits! Makes such a cute little layer cake (look-a-like) though =)

I didn't manage to take pictures of all the cakes, but there were plenty more amazing pieces of art that didn't resemble cake and icing at all!

See any cakes you like? Which one was your favourite?



  1. Yourre so lucky you got to go. Looks like so much fun. Did you get to try any of the cakes? :p

    1. Hehe it was a last minute decision to go! Unfortunately didn't get to try the cakes, but they looked so pretty that I doubt I would have even wanted to eat them! =)

  2. OMG they look amazing! The table with miniature cakes is my favourite - so deserved to win gold prize! x

    1. There were so many more that I didn't get a chance to take pictures of, but definitely the miniature tea party cake was my favourite =)

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