Bioderma launches in the UK

The well known French skincare brand Bioderma, has launched in the UK! An interesting fact is that their most popular product, the Sensibio H20 Micellar Solution (also known as Crealine H20), is sold every six seconds across the world. Alongside the well known Sensibio range (for sensitive skin), Bioderma is launching 4 other ranges, which include: Atoderm (dry/atopic skin), Sebium (oily/acne prone skin), Photoderm (advanced sun protection) and Hydrabio (dehydrated skin). Each of the ranges are specifically designed for particular skin concerns.

A small selection of the products that will be available

Some products from the Atoderm and Hydrabio ranges

The range that most interests me is the Atoderm range, which was specifically developed for those with eczema, atopic dermatitis and also very dry skin. This is because I have eczema around my ears and under my eyes, so finding skincare products that actually work for me are a real challenge. I've used a number of products before that work for a few months, but then my skin stops benefiting from them and sometimes this makes the eczema flare up more. The great thing about Bioderma, is that all the products have been developed by pharmacists and dermatologists, so you know that the products will work, as they have been designed for different skin types (not only the usual three: dry, combination and oily). The products are paraben and phthalate free, and have a biological basis, which allows them to mimic the natural skin response and restore its natural balance.

I tried the Atoderm Crème (Nourishing Cream) on the eczema under my eye at the lauch event (as it was quite dry and starting to flake). The eczema calmed down once I had applied it and it stayed moisturised for the rest of the night. I think with long term use of the Atoderm range, the eczema might actually clear up!

Bioderma products are available to purchase at Escentual and John Bell and Croydon Pharmacy at the present time. They will be working with leading independent pharmacies and dermatologists, in order to provide tailored information and advise customers on which products are best suited for their skin concerns.



  1. Salam alaykum sis,

    Thank you for posting about this skincare brand, my daughter has eczema so i'm always looking for better moisturisers than what are available on the nhs.

    1. Waa Alaikum Salaam! I don't use the one's prescribed by the nhs anymore (they weren't working well for me anyway). Currently I'm using a combination of the Bioderma ultra soothing cream, coconut oil and argan oil. =)


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