Chocoholic Hijabi is now...

On Facebook (finally)!

Check out the Chocoholic-Hijabi page here and feel free to 'like' if you're a facebook user. Once I figure out how to get a facebook widget/button for the blog, it'll be a lot easier to 'like' the page!

I look forward to interacting with all my readers on there, as well on the blog and on twitter! (once I get used to using the fb page!)



  1. Hey sis, what is using fb for the blog like? I never understood what the point was (I am thinking of maybe doing it myself one day)inshallah

    1. It's a bit confusing to set up, but I did it so that people who read my blog that don't have a GFC account or twitter can also keep up to date with blog posts.
      I think it's also worthwhile, because there are also brands/companies who are on facebook but not twitter, so I am able to tag them in posts on facebook, when I link the blog post that they have been featured in =)


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