Dining Out - Maedah Grill

After TOWIB on Saturday, my family and I went out for a meal with family friends to Maedah Grill, which is a restaurant in Whitechapel specialising in Turkish and Middle Eastern Cuisine. Maedah Grill is HMC approved and is located just behind East London Mosque on Fieldgate Street. It does get pretty busy at times and it's always best to book a table (we always do!). They also have curtained-off rooms available, which makes it perfect for those who want a little more privacy when eating. I have to say that when we do go out to eat as a family, Maedah Grill is one restaurant that we frequently visit (although we don't go out to eat often).

Unfortunately this time around, I didn't take pictures of all the food that was ordered, only a few of the main dishes, but it did taste great! We ordered a variety of starters, inlcluding the Maedah Mezze (cold starters), Lahmacun (Turkish flat pizza) and Chicken wings (coated in breadcrumbs). They also provide you with fresh bread and sauces (a yoghurt mint one and a hot chilli sauce) to accompany your meal. For mains we each ordered something different and a few of the dishes can be seen in the pictures below =)

T-bone steak (ordered by my brother)

Iskender (ordered by my sister)

Mixed Sharwama (ordered by me)

And they serve mocktails (non-alcoholic cocktails) which I love! This time I ordered a Coco Colada:

(in the background you can see what's left of the starters)

Hope you enjoyed this post and next time I go out to eat, I will definitely take more pictures! =)



  1. Yum I love Maedah and your cocktail looks delish! That steak is absolutely massive too!!! :D

    1. The steak was massive! (and my brother is small for his age, so even the server was suprised that he ordered it!). Methinks our next meet-up with food/mocktails/dessert should be here =)

    2. That's such a good idea! :D

  2. The food definitely looks really delicious..I've only been there once and its amazing.

  3. The food looks yum!

    I agree with the meetup suggestion. I'd love to go here :) x

  4. i love taking pictures of my food, especially when its presented so nicely. but i get werid looks from the waiters when i do hahah. does that happen to you as well?


    1. Lol! I usually take the pictures on my phone so maybe no-one really notices as much. I hope I don't get weird looks anyway! =)


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