Bourjois Pop-up Shop

[note:picture heavy post]

The Bourjois pop-up shop was set up in Shoreditch from the 16th to the 20th February. I found out that it was still open for one more day on Sunday night and via twitter, arranged to meet up with the lovely Numera, Saman, Aalia, Abeer, Safiyah and Sharmin on Monday. (click on the names for links to their blogs!)

Luckily I arrived in good time and met up with Sharmin and Aalia outside the venue, before going up to the top floor. As we were one of the first 50 people, we received a goody bag as we walked in. The layout of the room was actually pretty cool and there were two columns which had been set up with shelves displaying the products for us to swatch. Each column had the exact same products so it was less likely that all of us would crowd around in one area. Bourjois were also offering manicures, makeovers, body art and hair styling (which I didn't get done but it was fun to watch others). I loved the displays that were covering the shelves, and they even had the actual products stored in giant jars where our list of products would be bagged, ready for the till.

Column of products

Variety of Eyeliners


 So Laque! nail polishes


 Cute display =)

 The store - Giant Jars and Trays full of Bourjois products

Goody Bag goodies!

My purchases: 
Kohl & Contour shadow & light (13 Brun & Caramel) 
Felt-tip Liner (Ultra Black)
Blush (74 Rose Ambre and 85 Sienne)
Sweet Kiss Lipstick (11 Rose Innocence)
Effect 3D Lipgloss (03 Brun Rose)
So Laque Nail Laquer (27 Beige Glamour)

I managed to pick up a few things for myself as the bargains were too good to pass up (4 items for £14). Although not all the Bourjois products were available, I still bought a fair few products (7 in total). Will be looking forward to trying the blushers as well as the eyeliners. As you can probably tell from the lip colours and the nail polish, I love dusky nude pinks, and treated myself to a few unnecessary but pretty products. I also (hopefully) managed to stay out of the camera spotlight, as T4 were filming during the afternoon.

Hopefully I will be getting a lot of use from the products that I bought (can you believe that these are my first Bourjois products-a nice little collection I have here to get started) =)

Did anyone else manage to go to the Bourjois pop up shop? Let me know in the comments below =)



  1. The goodie bag looks awesome. x

    1. I know! I'm not too keen on the cleanser because of my eczema, so will probabaly bring it with me next week =)

      I am loving the light up mirror and the mini lipgloss! =)


    I got same nail polish and I got blusher 74 and 40 something. My lipstick was shade 6 and 81 i think. Never saw shade 11 swatches please =D

    1. Lol! I love the nail polish (currently on my nails!). The lipstick applies lighter than I remember (it was slightly darker when I swatched it), although that might be because of my natural lip colour =S Looks good layered underneath the gloss though =)

      Will definitely swatch the products soon (need some decent lighting first) =D

  3. The blushers all look so good. i do like Bourjois blushers how do you find them? because the pigment is quite weak i find

    1. I bought the two blushers which had the least about of glitter/shimmer. Haven't actually worn them yet, but the pigmentation is okay (when I swatched them). I don't tend to wear really pigmented blushers anyway, so hopefully these will show up on my skin! =)

  4. UUUurrrghhhh beyond jealous that you got to go to this!!! I don't know if i could have been so restrained with 65% off. Looks like you had a great day, I use the Sienne and I Loooove it!!
    Peace and Love,
    Bea @ XX

    1. I was lucky that I managed to go on the last day! I tried Sienne today and it looked great, more of a brownish pink than a pinky-pink (if that makes sense!). Might end up being my new everyday blusher =)

  5. oooooh just seen that you are flying the Peace, Love and Lushness campaign badge. Thankyou so much for supporting it lady!!
    Big Love! xxx


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