Pearl Daisy - August Order

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So, I was going to do a post on hijab storage, but then this morning the postman arrived with a much anticipated pink parcel. As Pearl Daisy is having a 15% off sale (using the code PDLOVE, until Saturday 20th August) I took advantage of it and decided to place an order. My sister and I ordered four hijabs each, and you can see which ones I received in the picture below.

The Borage Jersey Scarf was on the list because I wanted to try wearing a jersey hijab and I preferred this pattern, compared to the other one on the site. This (I'm hoping) will be the perfect 'put on and go' hijab, for all those times when you barely have a minute to wrap your hijab.
I'm currently loving crinkle scarves because they don't require any ironing before you wear them. I ordered the Black Pot Pourri because I actually don't own a black crinke scarf.
The Bella Maxi Hoojab was a spur of the moment decision. Originally, I was planning on buying one of the handloomed hoojabs, but I wanted to know what made the Bella Hoojab so popular (so much so that it would previously be out of stock soon after it had been restocked).
I love the pattern on the Princess Rafi Scarf (previously mentioned here) and I do wear a lot of brown, so I thought the perfect hijab to finalise (my part) of the order, would be to get the Agra Wood Patterned Scarf, which has the same pattern but with a different background colour. I'm definately looking forward to wearing this one out and about.

What scarves have you purchased recently?



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