The Inayah Collection: Custom Bangle Set

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The Inayah Collection is a soon-to-be online store specialising in bangle sets, hijab pins and other gorgeous accessories. Their collection and custom orders can be viewed via their facebook page, although they are not taking any new orders until the website has been launched. I love the look of all their pieces, but limited myself to a small order, as this would be my first time ordering from them (and there is the case of being a student with a limited budget). 
Here are links to some of my favourite bangle sets : set 1, set 2, set 3, set 4  =)

My order arrived this morning. I was at uni (finalising details for my final year project) but hearing that  there was a box waiting for me definitely brightened my day (in contrast to the horrible weather in London). It was sent via 2nd class signed for recorded delivery, and considering that my order was only finalised on Sunday 21st August, it arrived within 5 working days. The package itself is a cardboard box (with an Inayah Collection sticker), and contains the bangles (tied together with ribbon) wrapped in plastic, and then in tissue paper, and then the box is filled with tissue paper so that nothing is moving around. The presentation alone is so cute that I wouldn't mind sending a set of bangles as a gift to someone.

Opening up the bangles, you can see that they have arrived in great condition and are ready to be worn. The teal enamelled bangle is a great match with my Eid outfit, so I'll definitely be wearing the set then (minus the black enamelled bangle). I love enamelled bangles, but they are so hard to find in shops at the moment, especially ones with gold detailing like these.

(with flash)

(without flash)

Of course, the process for ordering a custom set can take some time (two weeks for me) so it's best to order well in advance of when you actually want to wear them. The great thing about having a custom set is that it can be matched to a particular colour or a specific idea that you have in mind. For me personally, I really wanted the enamelled bangles, and then thought why not order them with additional bangles so that they can be worn individually, or as a set. My next order would include the silk bangles, as they are so bright and colourful, thus making them stand out when worn with neutral coloured abayas.

Will you be taking a look at The Inayah Collection products?


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