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My first ever OOTD (of yesterday) and random ramblings about Eid. 

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So, on Eid I wore a jilbab that I had previously worn to a neighbour's wedding at the beginning of July. The jilbab was made in India and is a turquoise/green colour with embroidery, beading and crystal embellishment. I wore bangles (from The Inayah Collection, with additional diamante bangles) and managed to do henna on one hand only (unfortunately). My hijab style was inspired by this tutorial from Amenakin, and I somehow achieved this look using plenty of stick pins, two mirrors and a bit of trial and error. I used the scarf that came with the jilbab and a teal lace scarf from Pearl Daisy.

Also, prior to Eid day, we had done some baking (it's kind of a tradition to do baking before Eid) and here is a picture to show you some of the goodies we made. These included Cake Pops, Lamingtons, Toffee Tarts, Aero biscuits and Hungarian Tarts among other tasty things =)

Yummy Treats!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Eid as much as I did! (Although the Eid celebrations are still continuing for another day or two) =)

and InshaAllah I'll be announcing the winner of the Ramadhan Giveaway tomorrow =)


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  1. I love your mehndi & the colour of your suit.

    The cakes look so yummy! x


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