Review: Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil

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A super belated happy new year! I can't believe we're already mid-way through January!

I got my first bottle of the Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil some time ago in the first BBB Beauty Edit Box, and have repurchased a few times since then. Every year, during the winter, my cheeks become really dry and flaky, which I've tried to combat with a number of different products. For the past two winters, I put Trilogy Rosehip Oil to the test and try it out to see if it would at least reduce the dryness from my cheeks. The oil itself is not too greasy and you only need 3-4 drops (using the pipette) to cover the entire face.

I've been using it twice a day (once in the morning and again before bed) since the beginning of November, testing it over time to see if it's made a difference. And has it?

I'd definitely say it has! It hasn't eradicated the dryness completely, but my skin is not flaking and it's a lot smoother and softer. I expected my skin to become a little dry because there are other factors like the crazy cold weather and as a result, central heating being turned on, which does affect how my skin behaves. I'm happy to say though, that the longer I've been using it, I've needed to use less and less and now I only apply it to problem areas (under the eyes and tops of cheeks). This has definitely changed my skincare routine and is one product I will repurchase again. I only use this during the winter months, as I found that my skin isn't as dry and flaky once the weather warms up.

Have you tried Rosehip Oil? Do you have any tips on keeping dry skin at bay once the weather gets colder?



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