Lush Boxing Day Haul

I do love to splurge on Lush goodies throughout the year, and I definitely took advantage of the Boxing Day sale at Lush. My favourite shower gel, Rose Jam, is a limited edition product during the holidays, and last year I only picked up a 250g bottle (which I used sparingly and it lasted the whole year!). This time, I got the 500g bottle which means I can use it without being stingy. In my opinion it is much better than the well known Snow Fairy shower gel, but I think it's higher price point (thanks to Argan oil and Rose Absolute) has meant it's not as popular.

I also bought the Little Snow Fairy and the Winter Garden gift sets (for myself of course). At half price, I could justify buying both, and am considering going back to Lush during the week to see if they have any left (which I highly doubt). The Little Snow Fairy set contains 100g Snow Fairy shower gel and 100g Pink Fun. I am a fan of the bubble bars (not too keen on bath bombs) so I know I'll enjoy making my own creations with the bar of Fun. The Winter Garden set includes 100g Rose Jam shower gel (you can never have too much!), 45g Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, 100g Sultana of Soap and 10g sample of Helping Hands hand cream (and a large bauble to store it all in).

I think I have enough Lush products now, including the few that I got as presents. I'm looking forward to using them over the year and hopefully I'll have a few new favourites for next year =)



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  2. ah man I tooooootally missed out on boxing day bargains this year, I even set a reminder to buy the snow fairy but missed out *cries*
    I'll buy yours off you? loll


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