No rest for the wicked (a.k.a. trainee teachers!)

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I knew that as the PGCE commenced, there would be a lot of work involved and I suppose my previous work in school did prepare me for the long hours, dedication and energy that is needed to teach. What I didn't really account for, was all the paperwork that is included! Observations, monitoring, assessments and not to forget the assignments! My first M-Level assignment is due at the end of the Christmas holidays, so while many prople are enjoying the festive season, I'll be stuck in books and on my laptop, trying to churn out 4500 words.

I will be going to the Boxing day sales tomorrow so there is a little break planned. I'm going to be one of those crazy people that gets up early for the Next sale (and then waits for the rest of the stores to open). Personally, I'm looking forward to sales at Lush, Dorothy Perkins and Boots. I've already started my sale shopping with some craft goodies from Hobby Craft.

Happy Holidays everyone!



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