You Beauty Discovery Box - August

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I received my August YBD box a few days ago. Aptly named 'Summer Essentials', I chose the Eucerin Sun Mattifying Face Fluid with SPF50 and the Gazelli Triple Youth with White Oil duo from the products available. The added extras included in the box were Jimmy Choo EDP and Jimmy Choo Man EDT samples, a sachet of Face-D 3-Luronics Instant Effect Cream Serum as well as a 4 way nail buffer.

I won't be taking this bottle of SPF with me on holiday, but I know that this will come in handy if the weather is still lovely and warm when I get back. It's always important to use SPF because without it, our skin would age before its time (and prevention is always better than treatment!). The Gazelli Sample set stood out as the YBD website stated that there was limited availability of the product, so I added it to my box without a second thought. There are two 5ml samples included: a face cream and a face serum. I know that the products are designed to be anti-ageing, so I'm not sure they're quite right for me but I'll definitely be trying them out.

There was a decent selection of products this month, and for £6.95 I have the opportunity to try out products that are worth much more. What's there not to like?



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