Washing my Makeup Brushes

Thanks to a wedding at the weekend, I had a pile of makeup brushes that needed to be washed and dried. I'm quite obsessive about washing my brushes, and wash the brushes that I use daily at least once a week (there's only 5 of them). However, when it comes to special occasions, I make sure that I thoroughly wash all the brushes that I've used. This means that when I need to use these brushes again (particularly eyeshadow ones), I know that there won't be any pigment from the last colour that I used. Also, as I have sensitive skin, I don't want to irritate my skin by using brushes that have a build up of product after constant use.

I use the Dr Bronner 18-in-1 Castille Rose Soap to wash my brushes. It's easy to use, just pour a little into the palm of your hand and swirl the makeup brush in the soap, making sure that the water runs clear when rinsing out the soap. I then leave them to dry on a clean flannel. The soap is gentle and the rose scent not overpowering (I also have the lavender scent). I have to admit that it is a little time consuming and boring, but I'd rather spend time doing it than end up with a break out on my face!



  1. I use the Dr Bronner's soap too. It does such a great job of cleaning, doesn't it? :)

    1. Yep it does! Has a certain squeaky clean feel about it =) And the bottle is pretty big (not to mention a bargain if found in TK Maxx) so it's lasted me quite long =)


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