Review: Hijab Obsessions Jersey Hijabs

A couple of months ago, I ordered a few jersey hijabs from Hijab Obsessions. Hijab Obsessions make each of their hijabs by hand and have such a wide variety of colours and styles available. I ordered the Burgundy Shimmer hijab, Teal Shimmer hijab and the Maxi Black hijab. I've never actually worn jersey hijabs before so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to try them out as well as purchase some new hijabs (and clear out some of my more worn out ones).

The maxi hijab is huge! (obviously it's in the name). Everyone needs a plain black hijab in their collection and I think this is my staple. It's large enough to wrap around twice and create as many folds and drapes as you like. The jersey is super soft and stretchy, and it's not slippery, so it can be worn without an underscarf. This is a great hijab for winter as the material isn't thin and will keep your head and neck warm. I liked this hijab so much that I ended up purchasing the Lavender Pot Pourri printed maxi hijab at Smoky not Smudgy this year!

The shimmer hijabs are so pretty! Perfect for special occasions as well as for everyday wear, they aren't too shiny and provide just that something extra to what would otherwise be a simple outfit. The shimmer is subtle and is throughout the hijab so there is always a little sparkle as you move. An underscarf is a must with the shimmer hijabs as they are quite slippery and need the underscarf to keep it from moving out of place. The jersey material is also soft and smooth and great for creating drapes and folds. As the shimmer is in the actual material, it doesn't feel rough or itchy which is definitely what you don't want from your hijab!

I'm still experimenting with ways to wear jersey hijabs. I like that jersey hijabs don't need a lot of effort to style as they can simply be wrapped around and pinned with minimal fuss. Perfect for work (and those lazy days!). I'm looking forward to ordering a few more once I've cleared some space on my hijab hanger =)



  1. I would love to see headscarf tutorials. It would be really nice! I'm hoping to purchase some headacarfs like these too! I would love to go to the smoky not smudgy event next year!xo

  2. yes it will be nice to see some headscarf tutorials.


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