Lush Fresh Face Mask Cosmetic Warrior [review]

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I got this face mask as a freebie for returning 5 clean and empty pots back to Lush. Cosmetic Warrior is a face mask which helps to combat spots and soothe the skin. It contains garlic, tea tree oil, honey as well as free range eggs (vitamin A). There are no exfoliating beads in the mask but it does have bits of green grapes which does feel slightly odd once the mask is applied. As with all Lush Fresh Face Masks, this should be kept in the fridge and it should be used with 4-6 weeks.

This mask is not one of my favourites from Lush as I'm not particularly fond of the bits of grape in the mask as they feel a bit weird on my face. I removed the face mask using a muslin cloth and it did leave my face feeling refreshed (not dry or tight). I also expected it to smell quite strongly of either garlic or tea tree, but surprisingly it's got a very mild smell. As I prefer face masks that also exfoliate, I don't think I'll be repurchasing this particular one.

Have you tried this face mask before? What are your thoughts?




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