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Bioderma's Atoderm range of products were designed for very dry skin types, which also includes eczema and atopic dermatitis. Following on from the Bioderma UK launch event (blog post), I was given the opportunity to test out the Atoderm PO Zinc Crème for myself. After testing it out for over 3 months, here's what I think of the product.

The Atoderm PO Zinc Crème is an ultra-soothing cream specifically for irritated, very dry, sensitive skin. This pretty much describes my skin, especially when the eczema flares up. The cream itself is not too thick (which is what's usually the case with products designed for very dry skin) and absorbs into the skin quickly (great for mornings when I need to rush to get ready). I apply the cream at least twice a day on the patches of eczema near my eyes and around my ears, usually in the morning and then once again before bed. As my eczema does flare up more during colder weather (I'm not exactly sure why), I was applying more cream onto the affected areas to both soothe the eczema and stop me from itching it.
Since I've started using it, the patches of eczema have definitely reduced and they are not as dry and as irritated as before. This is not the product to use if you want instant results, but with consistent use over time, the eczema will lessen. I've already picked up a second one as a backup for when this one finishes!
Do you have eczema? What products do you use to keep it at bay?

*This product was sent for review purposes. The review is based on my own thoughts and experience of using the product.

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  1. I have quite dry and sensitive skin, too, which is why I avoid using a lot of stuff on my face. I've never heard of this cream but it sounds pretty good! Will have to check it out :-)


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