Project 10 Pan: Take II #9

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Yay! Only one more product needs to be used up before P10P:II is over (not that I haven't bought anything at all). The next product to have been used up is the FCUK Pure Body Spray. I purchased this from Boots Clearance (and have quite a few back-ups too!). I prefer body sprays/body mists over perfumes as they aren't as strong and I can spray them quite a few times without it being overpowering. I especially love using these to freshen up during the day, and the small size and plastic packaging makes it easy to carry around, without the fear of it breaking or leaking into my bag.

What sort of fragrances do you like to use?


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  1. I HAVE THE FCUK ONE i think? I'll give it to you. It was given to me as a gift but I don't wear any perfume or anything similar. Will give you when I see you next! xx


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