Hijabi Tip: Hijab Storage Solution

A few months ago, I changed the way I store my hijabs. They used to be folded up in a drawer inside my wardrobe, which was okay, but everytime I wanted to look for a particular hijab, the entire drawer would be messed up. I'm pretty useless at keeping things organised, so colour co-ordinating them while they were stored in the drawer was not really an option. I ended up purchasing the Komplement Multi-use hanger from Ikea and so far I've managed to fit the majority of my hijabs onto the hanger. The more delicate hijabs are still kept folded up inside a drawer to prevent them from being damaged (beads tend to fall off). The hanger is hung from the back of my bedroom door, so I can easily pick which hijab I want to wear during the day.

Here's a picture of how the hanger looks. As you can see, I've managed to fit hijabs into pretty much all the available space!

It's not really organised in any specific way.
Just the more bulkier/heavier hijabs at the bottom, with the more lightweight hijabs at the top =)

How do you store your hijabs?
Also, can you believe Ramadhan is nearly over?! The month has literally flown by!



  1. That's a cool storage idea! I store my hijabs in a drawer in the dresser.

    1. How do you keep your hijabs organised in the drawer? Mine always used to end up looking like a jumble sale =S

  2. lovely scarves girl :) cute blog


  3. I brought this a while ago, in fact have two! Its great only problem is that it gets quite bulky sometimes, so better out of your wardrobe then in, back of the door is a good idea.

    1. Definitely agree! It's on the back of my door, because it just won't fit in my wardrobe (although this makes it easier to choose which one to wear) =)

  4. Beautiful hijabs :)
    I wish I had a lot of hijabs just like yours.

    I hang my hijabs on hangers in my wardrobe. :)


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