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If you've been following me on Twitter, you'll know that I've come down with a combination of cold/temperature/flu. Sadly, I think this is due to the lack of a Summer here is the UK as well as being quite busy over the past week (which isn't going to slow down any time soon).
Also, Ramadhan is due to start either Friday 20th or Saturday 21st July (depending on the sighting of the moon) and as I'll be starting a temporary job on Sunday 22nd, it'll be likely that I won't be updating my blog as often as I want to. I am excited that Ramadhan is here (the year has gone so fast!) and inshaAllah I'll be trying to make the most of the blessed month.

In regards to the giveaway, please do leave your email address in your comment! Also, readers who are re-tweeting, only one RT will be counted. There's only two more weeks left until the end of the giveaway so please do enter, if you haven't already (here) =)


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  1. In Shaa Allah you feel better ASAP! Good luck with your new job sis! xxx


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