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So a couple of times a year, one of the women from my mum's side of the family will have a dinner party style gathering at their house. This is where all the women and girls (grandmother's, aunties and cousins) have an excuse to get dressed up, bring a dish or two and basically have a huge dinner and enjoy the night. It also gives us (the younger generation) a chance to meet up with cousins that we rarely get to see, relax and have fun (because all the older women do the cooking and stuff!).

So tomorrow (Saturday) is going to be the first dinner party of 2011 and it's being held at my aunt's house (my mum's sister), so we (my mum, sister and I) are going a bit earlier to help sort out everything before everyone else arrives. Because everyone is female, I won't be wearing an abaya and hijab in the house, and you can see what I'll be wearing in the Polyvore set below =)

Weekend Style

Weekend Style by .x.asmaa.17.x.

It's basically a knee length tunic dress (the same one above) worn with black jeggings (which I prefer over skinny jeans) and a cute pair of ballet flats. I know it's quite a simple outfit, but I'll be accessorising with an armful of bangles/bracelets, rings and earrings! I'll also be styling my hair (no idea how though), which I have recently dyed reddish brown using L’Oréal Féria by Préférence in Red Flash Brown. My hair has turned out darker than the actual colour shown on the box (that's because my hair is naturally a very dark brown) but it looks pretty fabulous!.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! I know I will =D



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