Call me crazy

You might as well call me crazy! I've recently taken up water aerobics (also called Water workout) at the local leisure centre. It lasts for one hour from 9-10pm  on a Wednesday and it basically consists of aerobic exercise in the swimming pool. This means that there is plenty of jumping up and down whilst working your arms at the same time. We also get to use the swimming floats (the noodle ones) which are meant to be held underwater when moving our arms up and down, or backwards and forwards (Sorry for the lack of correct terminology!I don't know how else to explain it).

Considering it's about 4°C at night, there's quite a lot of women that attend the session (it's a womens only class). Water workout is a great way to do exercise if you're not comfortable/happy with the 'usual' gym activities. I love swimming, but tend to get distracted by talking to others so I don't actually get much swimming done =/ . I find that water workout is a little less intensive, but you can't exactly stop and chat for 5 minutes (because you're working so hard) which means I actually do more exercise. Also, you have to concentrate on where your arms and legs are moving, because you don't really want to kick someone else or end up under water. The instructor is quite awesome too!

Has anyone else taken up something new this year?



  1. That sounds fun....where do you do it?

  2. Definately fun (tiring though!)...and it's at East Ham Leisure Centre =) x


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