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Following on from my visit to the Lush Oxford Street store, is what I bought while I was there. I am a big fan of Lush products and so I did go a little overboard with what I put in my basket. Bear in mind that a few of these products are exclusive to the Oxford Street store, and so won't be available online.

First in my haul, I picked up a new fresh face mask. I've used a number of different ones over the past few years, and this time it was recommended that I go for 'The Man in the Mushroom' (OxSt only). Funnily enough, it smells nothing like mushroom, but more like a sweet caramel. The mask itself is suitable for sensitive skin, and focuses on brightening the skin. It's a very runny mask that doesn't actually set and you just wash it off after 10-15 minutes (I use a flannel to help get it off). I also got the 'Full of Grace' Serum Bar, which is a solid serum that moisturises the skin without feeling heavy. It was recommended that I use this before I apply my fresh face mask so that I could get the benefits of the mask and serum at the same time.

As well as skincare, I picked up a few hair care products to treat my dry, bleached hair. I picked up 'Superbalm', which is a treatment designed to soothe a dry scalp. It's melts into an oil which I then use on specific areas rather than my whole head as it does take a while to wash out properly. I can definitely say that it has reduced the dry patches on my scalp, so I'll be using it as a weekly treatment for my hair. Another hair care product that I got was the 'Damaged' hot oil hair treatment (OxSt only). I've yet to use this but it's to help condition and save my bleach damaged hair.

The last few products are all bath products. I picked up my favourite bubble bar in 'Creamy Candy' and also a new one called 'Rose Jam' (which I think is the bubbleroon). The last product I got is the 'Melting Marshmallow Moment' Bath Oil (OxSt only - the tiny round, pink and gold bar in the front). I picked this up on a whim as it smelt really sweet, and even though I'm more of a shower than a bath person, I know that I'll be using it to have a nice, relaxing bath.

And that's the end of my haul! I'm looking forward to using my Lush goodies and hopefully I'll have some new favourites to buy the next time I'm in Lush.



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