Notes on Henna

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Over the past few months, I've made a habit of applying henna at least once a month. It gives me a chance to practise my skills, try out different henna cones, and have a little 'me' time. I've actually stopped using the £1 ready made henna cones that are available in most South Asian grocery/fashion stores, and have opted to only purchase fresh made henna cones. I found that when I did apply the store bought henna (Mehak brand), it actually gave me a rash which had never happened when I had been using it in the past. A few of my favourite people to order fresh henna cones from are Henna Visa, Henna by Afruza, Shah-Dhillon Henna Designs and Bharathi Sanghani (Artistic Henna).

Henna using the Lavender Mix cone from Henna by Afruza 

Using fresh henna paste means that there are no chemical extras in the mixture, which are used to prolong shelf-life and can cause allergic reactions. Because they are freshly made, they can be stored in the freezer, and thawed when you want to apply some henna. These henna cones are slightly pricier than the usual £1 ones, but the quality of the paste and the colour result is well worth the price. They are also made by hand and you know that each batch of cones is made with effort and care for the best results.

Have you tried applying henna before? What tips would you share?



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