Eid Mubarak! and an Escentual Haul =)

A belated Eid Mubarak to all my readers! It's been a busy few days with lots of henna, baking, food and visiting relatives! Anyway, here's what I treated myself to from Escentual.com (a sort of Eid present to myself) =)

What was originally meant to be a repurchase of my Bare Minerals foundation, turned into a miniature haul from Escentual (oops!). Alongside my foundation, I also ordered the Bioderma Skincare Sample Set, which consisted of 27 sample sizes of Bioderma products. Luckily, it was on offer at £16, and I got a voucher emailed to me with a value of £20 after I had ordered. Win!

And here's what arrived in the Bioderma Sample Set. I know that I'll be taking quite a few of these miniatures on holiday with me, especially the Micelle Solution's and the Atoderm range of products.

A full list of the samples included in the set:

  • H2O Micelle Solution 10ml
  • Global - Intensive Purifying Care 5ml
  • Hydra - Moisturising Replenishing Care 5ml
  • AKN Fluiid - Purifying Corrective Care 5ml
  • Pore Refiner - Corrective Care 5ml
  • Purifying and Foaming Cleansing Gel 10ml
  • AR Anti Redness Cream 5ml
  • AR BB Cream - Anti-Redness Skin-Perfecting Care 5ml
  • Rich - Soothing Cream 5ml
  • Light - Soothing Cream 2ml
  • Forte Cream - Reddened Sensitive Cream 5ml
  • H2O - Micelle Solution 10ml
  • Eye Contour Gel 2ml
  • DS+ Soothing Purifiying Cream 5ml
  • PO Zinc Crème - Ultra-Soothing Cream 8ml
  • Creme Lavante - Nutri-protective Cleansing Cream 10ml
  • PP Baume - Ultra Nourishing Emollient Balm 8ml
  • Nourishing Cream 8ml
  • Atoderm PP Ultra Rich Foaming Gel 10ml
  • AKN Mat - Mattifying Fluid SPF30 5ml
  • Spot Cream SPF50+ 5ml
  • AR Tinted Cream SPF50+ 5ml
  • MAX Cream SPF50+ 5ml
  • Light - Moisturising Cream 2ml
  • Rich - Moisturising Cream 5ml 
  • Serum - Moisturising Concentrate 5ml
  • Smoothing Repairing Cream 5ml

With the £20 voucher, I then placed another Escentual order for my saviour from eczema (Bioderma PO Zinc Crème) and thought I'd try out the Bioderma Sensibio DS + Soothing Purifying Cream for my eczema as it has a lightweight texture which will be much appreciated for the rest of the summer. With my purchase of the Sensibio Purifying Cream, I also got a Sensibio Micelle Solution (100ml) for free. Another win! All in all, I think my haul from Escentual will last me a good few months and I'm looking forward to trying the different Bioderma products over the holidays =)



  1. Eid Mubarak! This is exciting me further for my paris trip :)

    1. Hehe yep! Lots of French skincare brands to tempt you =)

  2. eid mubarak !



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