Lush Freebie Fresh Face Mask

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I love a good freebie and even more so when it comes from one of my favourite places to shop - Lush! A few weeks ago, I finished (another) Lush Fresh Face Mask which gave me a total of 5 empty Lush pots.

Only recently however, I managed to get down to the store with my empty pots (all washed and dried) in exchange for a free face mask! I chose Cosmetic Warrior as it is a gentle face mask which contains a number of ingredients (such as tea tree oil, honey and garlic) that help to fight spots and breakouts and keep skin calm (something I'll definitely need as the weather gets colder).

As with all of Lush's Fresh Face Masks, this one needs to be kept in the fridge. I'm sure applying the cold face mask is bound to wake me up on these cold and wet days!

If you're a fan of the fresh face masks, which one would you have chosen?


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  1. ooooooh I want to know what that face mask is like, please do a review once you've used it enough!
    I always want to buy something from Lush but never get to it, please recommend some things to me when we next shop! xx


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