Chocoholic Hijabi at: The Halal Food Festival

Last weekend, my family and I went down to the Excel exhibition centre for the first ever Halal Food Festival. I had pre-booked all the tickets beforehand so all we had to do was turn up, get the tickets scanned and make sure we had a wristband each (fluorescent green was the colour on Saturday). We arrived at around 11:30, which I think was good timing as there were a few queues at some of the stands, but it wasn't really much of a problem. As the day went on, more people started arriving and there wasn't much room to move around in the hall, especially with some of the queues going around corners and across the walkways. At one point, we were queuing for about 45 minutes (my aunt, cousins and I took it in turns), which was worth it in the end, but it wasn't ideal. I did enjoy myself (and so did the rest of my family) and we managed to try a lot of different foods that we may not have been able to try otherwise. I also picked up goodies from Pearl Daisy and Halal and Organic Skincare, plus some chocolate truffles and jelly sweets =)

I didn't take many pictures (got a little distracted and forgot-oops!) but I put up a collage on IG of the ones I did take =)

I think if there is another food festival, it should definitely be held in a larger space!

If you went to the Halal Food Festival, what did you think? And would you go if there was another one?



  1. I didn't end up going but it looks like it was an interesting event. Must have been so nice to not have to worry whether something was halal! :)

  2. I went on a Sunday and I loved it! We got there pretty early and beat the crowds and long queues and it was interesting to try a lot of different foods. The Malaysian pancakes were awesome! I would definitely go again :)

  3. I went on the Saturday and thought there would be more stalls. I doubt I would go again. Some of the stalls had put their prices up by twice the amount from what was listed on the website.


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