Bare Minerals 9-piece Get Started Kit

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This summer was a summer for shopping! I (impulsively) picked up the 9 piece Bare Minerals Starter Kit on my way out of the UK this summer in duty free.


I chose to pick up the Tan set, as I had previously been matched to both the Golden Tan and Medium Tan shades. Luckily with mineral foundations I have found that I can get away with very slight shade differences if I buff and blend the foundation properly into my skin. The kit contains :
- Original spf 15 Foundation in Medium Tan (C30)
- Original spf 15 Foundation in Tan (N30)
- Tinted Mineral Veil
- Warmth All Over Face Colour
- Full Flawless Face Brush
- Flawless Application Brush
- Light Stroke Brush
- Prime Time Foundation Primer

Full Flawless Face, Light Stroke and Flawless Face brushes

Although the pots are smaller than the standard ones that are sold individually (1.5g - 2g in each pot in the kit and 8g for standard ones), the kit still works out better value for money, especially as there are 3 brushes and a foundation primer included. There is also a Get Started DVD in the box which is ideal if you want to perfect your application to get a flawless finish.

The kit can be bought from your nearest Bare Minerals counters and costs £49.

Have you tried the Bare Minerals foundation before?



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  1. Tried it and still love it. BM is my summer foundation but I really hate the brushes apart from light stroke. The other 2 shed loads of hair so instead I use the Real Techniques buffing brush xx


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