EOS Lip Sphere [review]

Remember when I had (what looked like) a hundred and one lip balms in my collection? [Read this blog post for a quick reminder]. Since then, I've  stopped buying lip balms every time I pop out for a little shopping. I've actually stopped using most of my collection too! Even my previous go-to lip balm, Carmex (now gathering dust in a drawer). Why? Because of the EOS lip sphere! I've wanted to get my hands on this lip balm ever since I spotted it on Slice of Lemon in this post. I mean, who can say no to a cute little lip balm? Especially when they come in a range of flavours (and they just look adorable!)

Summer Fruits (top) and Sweet Mint (bottom)

I've been using the Summer Fruits Lip Sphere ever since I got it (sometime last year). As you can probably tell by comparing it to the Sweet Mint (which is new), it's been used a lot! This lip balm has replaced all my other ones, as I find that my lips stay moisturised throughout the day. I apply the lip sphere in the morning and in the evening every day and I rarely have to reapply during the day (which is great, because I don't actually carry it around with me). The balm itself is made from all natural and organic ingredients and is free from parabens, petrolatum and phthalates (basically all the chemical stuff that isn't good for your skin).

The packaging is quite bulky, which is the only downside I can think of, but it's something that I can live with. The other issue is that EOS lip sphere's are not so easy to get hold of in the UK. I've only found them online so far, at Cute Cosmetics and Naturisimo. Unfortunately there is a big difference in the price (which always seems to be the case) as they retail for just under £6 in the UK, whereas in USA they cost $3.29 (approx. £2.20).

What's your favourite lip balm?



  1. I've been wanting to try that one as well! I see it at the store all the time but haven't ever bought it. Next time I need a new lip balm, I think I'll have to get this one. It's nice to know it's a good one!

    1. They're definitely worth a try! My friend just came back from USA and I got her to pick me up a bunch of them =D

  2. I have always loved any kind of lip balm so I should really try this kind! Great post
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    -Jenna <3

    1. These lip balms are amazing! I would happily get rid of all my other lipbalms and just use this one =)


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