Lush Fresh Face Mask Catastrophe Cosmetic [review]

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It's been an absolute age since I picked up a Lush fresh face mask, but I bought one on impulse at the end of March. I thought that I could treat myself to a bit of pampering during the Easter holidays and the Lush fresh face masks are great to use every few days. I got the Catastrophe Cosmetic mask, as it is supposed to clear and calm the skin, which is great as I've been getting a few pesky little spots (probably because I haven't been eating healthy). The mask contains blueberries (which are an antioxidant), almond oil (to moisturise) and calamine (to help to reduce irritation and redness). The Lush website states that Catastrophe Cosmetic is a deep cleansing mask, and helps to keep the skin clear with regular use.


The face mask takes about 5-10 minutes to dry, depending on how thick I have applied it (it starts crumbling when it has dried). To remove the mask I use hot water and occasionally a muslin cloth as well, to exfoliate my skin at the same time.

I've actually nearly finished using up the face mask. It's lasted me a good 7 weeks and hasn't gone off yet (even though the use by date has passed). I've managed to get roughly 8-9 uses from it and there's still enough for at least 2 more (I've used it every week since purchasing, sometimes even twice in a week). The mask didn't irritate my sensitive skin and I think it's definitely worth purchasing. It lasts a while and because they're kept in the fridge, it's refreshing to apply a cold face mask to wake me up a little in the morning. The only drawback is that that the mask does leave a little powdery residue once it's been removed (the mask does contain talc though, which is probably the cause of this).

Lush fresh face masks are £5.95 and are made from fresh and all natural ingredients. I've previously reviewed the Love Lettuce Fresh Face mask which you can read here =)

Have you tried any Lush Fresh Face Masks before? What did you think of them?



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