Winter Warmer - Yankee Candles

I've always heard about Yankee Candles but have only been purchasing them for a few months now as Clinton Cards stock a small selection in stores. I love burning candles (especially in the Winter) as they add warmth and fragrance to any room. The Yankee Candles in particular are scented enough that you can smell the fragrance while it's burning (I've used candles before which smell great when they're still packaged, but have no scent when you burn them).

I recently picked up samplers in Pink Dragonfruit, Black Coconut, Fluffy Towels, Midsummer's Night and Cinnamon Stick. I prefer the samplers as they are small and easy to store (no big jars) but still burn for upto 15 hours. I have a glass tealight holder to stand them up in when they burn, otherwise I'd have a puddle of wax to clean up!

Red Velvet Yankee Candle burning away (while the snow falls outside)
What do you think of Yankee Candles? Any favourite scents that you have?



  1. Ooh I got some yankee candles as a gift for my birthday. They smell amazing! I've never really been into them but once I got them I can't stop using them lol. My fave so far is the Cranberry Ice one, you should definitely check that one out too!

    I like the sound of pink dragon fruit and fluffy towels, but what on earth does a midsummer nights smell like? O.o

  2. Salam alaykum Asmaa,

    I like Yankee candles too although I haven't had any in a while, I like the sound of fluffy towels!

  3. Yankee Candles are great and have a great strong smell. Right now I have a Pumpkin Cupcake candle burning from Bath and Body Works and it smells so good!


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