Blog-versary Giveaway Winner and Something New

I thought I'd start off the new year by announcing the blog-versary winner! And the person who I will be sending the giveaway prize to is...

Subah Raja!

Congratulations! Please email me ( with your details and I'll send the giveaway prize out to you soon =)

As a little treat I decided to buy a blog-versary gift for myself (and of course take advantage of the sales that are on at the moment). I purchased the Nikon 1 J1 compact system camera (okay so it's not that little of a gift) in the twin lens kit from Jessops (link here). Hopefully I'll be able to improve my photography skills and this will then mean I can take better pictures for the blog. Also, it'll give me the chance to learn something new!

(by the way, that's a new pinboard in the background that I picked up from Boots. It was only £8 and  I couldn't resist!)

Anyone else trying something new this year?



  1. Aaaaahhhh I called her as soon as I saw this to share the news! :) :) :)

  2. omg this camera looks sexy! Bring it out next time we all meet so I can have a peek =)


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