Smoky not Smudgy 2012 - who's going?

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I am! InshaAllah I'll be doing henna at Smoky not Smudgy this year!

Smoky not Smudgy 2012

The fifth annual Smoky not Smudgy event is taking place this Saturday (17th November), from 12pm - 5pm. It is a ladies only pampering day, organised by the Islamic Society at Imperial College in order to raise money for charity. I've been to a few of the past SnS events, and let me tell you that they get bigger and better each year. There's a whole range of things to do, including attending the fashion show, having all the beauty treatments you could possibly want done (hair/makeup/nails/henna/facials/waxing etc.) as well as taking part in workshops, masterclasses and having a professional photoshoot at the end of it! There's also the souk area, where you'll be able to purchase goodies from a selection of companies and brands.

For more information, check out the facebook event page (here) and the website (here).

Also watch the trailer for SnS 2012 below =)

So. Who's going to join me (and everyone else at SnS) and get even more beautiful for charity?


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  1. I've been invited to this by a Sister on Instagram but can't make it! Would love to have gone!

    Fashionably Covered Up


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