Lush's Christmas products (mini haul)

I love shopping at Lush. Not only do the stores smell wonderful and sweet (although not everybody is a fan), but they always have something different for each of their seasonal releases. From their Christmas range this year, I've managed to pick up the Candy Mountain bubble bar and the Popcorn lip scrub (so far).

The Candy Mountain bubble bar is simply the Creamy Candy bubble bar that's had a bit of a makeover. When I purchased Candy Mountain, I didn't actually know this, but I could tell that it smelt exactly like Creamy Candy (I just thought that it was because they were placed near each other, so my nose couldn't tell the difference). Creamy Candy is actually one of my favourite bubble bars to use (as seen in this blog post), and I always cut it up, so that I get more uses from the one bar. I'm not too sure how well Candy Mountain will fare if I cut it up with scissors or a knife. It might just end up as a crumbled up mountain =S

The Popcorn lip scrub actually smells like butter popcorn! That alone pretty much made my mind up while I was in the store, and decided to purchase it on my next visit to Lush. As with all of Lush's lip scrubs, you only need the smallest amount to exfoliate your lips, so this tub will last quite a long time (not to mention that I've also got the Bubblegum lip scrub somewhere). Popcorn lip scrub actually tastes like a mixture of sweet and salty popcorn (probably because it contains caster sugar and sea salt) but it smells like butter popcorn. Weird right? All I know is that this lip scrub will definitely be a product I'll be using often, as my lips tend to get dry and flaky during winter, so this will help to overcome that problem.

Have you bought anything from Lush recently?



  1. :OOO oh my gosh. I want to try the popcorn lipscrub! DEFINITELY getting it next time I'm in Lush haha :D

    1. It's pretty cool! I was supposed to wait until after Christmas (when the seasonal products are half price) but I saw the lip scrub and decided I had to have it! Will probably stock up when the sale starts =)


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