HFW Nov 2011 - Day 7

Out With Friends
Final outfit for Hijabi Fashion Week 2011. When I'm out with friends I like to dress casual but be a creative at the same time, be it with the hijab style or jewellery or makeup. Mostly when I go out with friends, we go out to eat! We all love trying different food and aren't really fussy about what we eat (as long as it's halal/vegetarian). And of course, we manage to fit in some shopping before or after we eat!

Jilbab - Queens Market, Green Street
Cardigan - H&M
Hijab - H&M
Necklace - Asda
Ring - Primark
Bag - New Look
Shoes - Graceland at Deichmann

This is a standard going out with friends outfit (which can be dressed up if the occasion calls for it!).
Brown is one of the few colours that I have plenty of in my wardrobe. It goes with pretty much anything and is a great alternative to black. In this outfit I loike how the necklace isn't obvious but the beads stand out against the printed hijab. (psst! mixing patterns with stripes and leopard prints).

Hope you enjoyed Hijabi Fashion Week! I know I definitely did and look forward to next year =)

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  1. LOVE the leopord scarf.. so my thing !


  2. I never used to like leopard print, but it's grown on me over the last year =)



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