Hijabi Tip: Occasion Wear

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So it can sometimes be a little difficult to find something to wear for special occasions if you're a hijabi. Depending on whether the occasion is segregated (e.g. dinner events/weddings) or mixed (e.g. Eid/weddings) and whether or not it's at your home or at another venue, you have to dress accordingly. As I wear a jilbab, I've become used to wearing jilbabs to occasions although there are plenty of other oufit choices that can be easily hijabified and worn to special occasions.

Here are a few idea's which can be adapted to form Hijabi Occasion Wear:
Occassion Wear

From abaya's to maxi dresses, embellished tunics paired with wide leg trousers to flowy shalwar suits, there's no limit as to how to mix and match your clothes to find your perfect outfit for any occasion. All that's needed now are a few accessories and a classy hijab to finish the look.

Let me know what you would wear at an occasion or event =)



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