Review: Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar

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Since purchasing the Lush Full of Grace Serum Bar way back in June, I've been trying to use it every evening before applying moisturiser. As I'm so used to applying moisturiser straight after cleansing, it took a while to get used to adding the extra step into my routine especially as the serum comes in a solid bar, rather than a liquid. It doesn't take long for the serum to soften at body temperature, so I prefer to rub the bar over my hands, and then apply the serum to my face. I use it at night, simply because it does leave my skin a little tacky, and this wouldn't make a great base for any makeup to be worn over the top. 

So has it made a difference?
I'd say yes -in combination with a new skincare routine- it has. My skin is definitely a lot more softer and I have noticed that I don't have any dry patches of skin on my cheeks. Full of Grace is made from all natural ingredients (vegan friendly) and is suitable for sensitive skin. It hasn't made me break out or affected my eczema. As it is only wrapped in the paper, I would recommend storing it in a container (I use a Lush oval tin) and in a cool place, as mine did soften when the weather got very hot in the middle of July. So far, I've been using the Full of Grace serum bar for two months and still have about half a bar left. While it may seem slightly pricey at £8.25 for the size, a little goes a long way and I know that I'll be repurchasing again in two months time.

Do you include a serum in your routine? Any recommendations?



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