A Little Update [Back to Uni]

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Just thought I'd update you all on what I'm doing at the moment. By now you probably know that I'm back at university studying for my Primary PGCE. I went through the Schools Direct (unsalaried) route as I wanted to stay within my local community. Other than knowing where my placements will be, it's not at all different from the university based PGCE route. What I didn't realise was that teacher training, along with all the practical school experience, involves a lot of paper work! So, if I'm a little quiet on the blog as well on FB/Twitter/Instagram, you'll know it's because I'm probably busy completing tasks for various portfolio's and trying to keep on top of my assignments. I will try and blog regularly, but realistically, I'll be in (semi) hibernation until July next year.

One thing is for sure, teacher training is definitely not an easy year, so I'm a bit worried about the actual teaching!



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