HER 300 Trecento Revitalising Hair Treatment [review]

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My first hair care product review on the blog! Seeing as my hair spends most of its time under my hijab, I don't really use any particular products to keep it looking good. In the June YBD Box (see post here), I chose the HER 300 Trecento Revitalising Hair Treatment, and decided to use it during the school holidays (as I had a bit more time for myself!).The HER hair treatment is a pre-shampoo treatment and is quite a thick cream inside the tub. It's easy to scoop out (although not so much when you're holding the tub with wet hands) and you simply apply the treatment to damp hair, leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse off before you shampoo and condition as normal.

So far I've used this hair treatment 3 times since the beginning of August. I felt like it was too much to be using once a week, so decided to space out the uses a bit more. As I use a medicated shampoo (Capasal), I sometimes feel that the shampoo strips my hair of all the natural oils and can leave it dry and brittle. Even though I apply the mask before I shampoo, my hair definitely looks and feels much healthier and smoother. When I do use the hair treatment I don't use conditioner simply because my hair would end up feeling heavy and greasy (which is not ideal under hijab!).

Overall I'm really glad that I chose this product in my June YBD and look forward to using it as a regular hair treat. Not sure if I'll repurchase this particular one again, but I know that I will be looking into hair masks and treatments a bit more (I already have my eye on the Lush one) =)

If you're interested in trying the HER 300 Hair Treatment, you can purchase it from Her Haircare Rituals, £14 (75ml) or £30 (200ml).



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