Back to uni (again!)

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Well, after 3 weeks off for the Easter break, it's back to uni and back to reality for me (and every other student in the UK). I'm sure by now all of you have watched/read/seen photos of the Royal Wedding (or parts of it anyway), and have heard about the US operation which ended with Osama bin Laden's burial in the sea.

My biggest concern at the moment is not what's on the news (although I do pay attention). I'm more focused on what is affecting me personally, like the three exams I have to sit in less than a months time and making sure I'm doing more than enough revision. Or the two pieces of coursework which need to be handed in by next week. And the last few days left of the census collecting I'm doing and trying to make the most of it.

 Anyway, that's what I've been upto, what about you? =)



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