Hijabi Tip: Hairbands

One easy way to glam up your hijab is to add a hairband while putting your hijab on. It can be anything from a simple strands of beads, to a gorgeous corsage complete with glitter and gemstones. And they don't have to be stretchy ones because you can use Alice bands too! Just tuck the ends into the parts of the hijab so they can't be seen =)

Here are a few examples of hairbands which you could use:

I personally prefer more simple stretchy hairbands (as you can see from the picture below), although I do like the corsage ones for special occasions. Here's a few which I've collected over the years (quite a few of them from Primark). The more simpler styles usually come in packs if two or three =)

(click on the picture for a larger image)

How do you accessorise your hijab?



  1. Great tips sis

    I am here to tell you that you have been given an award. It is over at my blog :)

  2. Great blog x new follower x x thanks for following mine

  3. I just recently started using headbands and I also found a new hijab style that works really well for me, where I can show my earrings but not my whole ear. :)
    Love your blog. Keep up the good work, and please check out my blog if you get a chance!


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